Paintball has proven to be an extremely popular activity for corporate events, as well as other types of group day outs, because paintball is excellent for team building. Paintball is designed to engage a team in an activity which demands various skills and techniques

Paintball game is a technique to enhance communication between co-workers. The benefits also include improved morality and management skills, ability to tackle problems, and better understanding of work environment. Other advantages are the developments in communication, concentration, decision making, group problem solving, and minimizing stress.

Capture the flag is probably one of the most well known paintball scenarios. Both teams have a flag in their base camps. It is your job to paintball your way into the enemy base camp, take their flag and return to your base camp to score points

In working together to combat the opponent, a paintball team develops communication skills, planning,
co-operation, decision-making and effective use of resources. In this way, the consolidation of a team throughout a paintball game proves to be one of the best team-building activities. This new approach to facilitation and experiential education combines the thrilling experience of a paintball game with the sequenced facilitation of an educational adventure.


Do you know that Happiness can be Synthesized?? YES !!! Science proves it We make this science a Practice!!!

Sharjah Golf Shooting Club has opened UAE First Happiness Experience Centre for creating the experience of Happiness and enhancing the Happiness Quotient HQ of people in Workplace, Schools and Universities and thus to create a Happy World. As per Harvard Business Review, Happy employees are 31% more productive, bring 37% more sales, engaged as high as 900% and Yes 200% more Creative. All latest scientific researches prove that Happiness can be synthesized. Desirable emotions could be stimulated through specific actions. SGSC with International happiness experts has converted this science into practice. We modeled exciting Happiness Packages with a guaranteed enhancement in the Happiness Quotient of the team which leads to exceptionally better results at the workplace

Happiness Booster

3 Hour Package full of Fun and Excitements handled in both Indoor and Outdoor SCENARIOS with GAMES, ACTIONS and ACTIVITIES managed by an Expert Happiness Coach to mark an Ultimate Happiness experience with most exciting tips & techniques to practice Happiness at workplace,Participants will be experiencing Happiness Booster with Action thrilled Paintballing, Bubble soccer, shooting games which are customized to create Enhanced happiness. Happiness Booster can be enjoyed along with Live BBQ, DJ music at lake side with Golf view. A Guaranteed Boost on Happiness will be reflected on Participants at workplace after the session. One day Happiness Strategic Workshops with International Happiness Coaches are tailored based on organizations need. Click away for more information

The game Paintball has proven its ability to support in:

  • Management Training
  • Team Building
  • Engendering Team Spirit & Initiative
  • Assessing Leadership Qualities
  • Improving Staff communication
  • Client/Staff Entertainment or Outing
  • Inter Company /Department/Branch Challenges

  • & Most Important!!! NON STOP FUN