We would like to introduce the most advanced TARGET SHOOTING games with the combination of AIRSOFT SHOOTING, PAINTBALL SHOOTING & PAINTBALL ARCHERY. The target shooting games are simulators of real gun shooting experience without live ammunition and it provides the same fun and excitement of real shooting experience. The game creates a lot of fun and excitement for kids and adults to improve Personal Skills, Concentration, Accuracy and Positive attitude

Target Shooting Game Rules

Always keep your gun barrel pointed towards the target only
Shooter must wear and eye protection before shooting
No blind ring. Always focus on assigned target
No cross ring on other range targets
Do not shoot outside the target area
Safety instructor will load the gun and will hand over the gun to the shooter
Do not look inside the barrel or gun muzzle
Shooter is not allowed to take any paintballs, BB bullets or other related items outside the shooting range
Minimum age 5 years and above for target shooting and 12 years and above for paintball archery
Handle the equipment with care, do not throw or drop the equipment
Only the shooter is allowed in the range
Safety instructor has the right to dismiss any shooter who does not comply with the above safety rules
Only authorized instructors are allowed to give shooting instructions.

Target Shooting PRICING

Paintball Shooting (20 shots)
AED 30

Paintball Shooting (180 shots)
AED 100

Airsoft Shooting Rifle/Pistol (20 Shots)
AED 30

Paintball Archery (20 Shots)
AED 30

Combo Package (Paintball & Airsoft) 20 + 20 Shots
AED 50