Sharjah Paintball Park is considered to be one of the best in the world as it sets world renowned standards. So whether you are looking for a company day out, an excuse to shoot your friends, or perhaps a special birthday event, Paintball is always the first point of call. Our innovative outdoor parks can accommodate up to 200 players in one session. The fields feature bunkers, huts, trees, aircrafts, hills, trenches, bridges, towers and more. The new indoor facility features one field which is one of a kind in the Middle East. The new building has briefing rooms, showers, changing rooms for men & women, a pro shop selling the most advanced paintball equipment and accessories and a paintball cafe by Grab N' Go. The park also has state-of-the-art paintball equipment, and flood lit fields (which allow night play) that are fully grassed which makes play safer and more enjoyable for the players. Additional features also include live BBQ facility and a lot more.

Outdoor field

The Park is able to accommodate up to 200 players in one session with a maximum of 20 players in each team. The outdoor park has 3 fields The Warzone, Orient and Speed Ball field. The war zone and the orient field is build on a plot of over 8000 Sqm. The fields are fully grassed and floodlit and live up to their name with helicopters, bridges, tunnels, tanks, airplanes, jeeps, towers, trees and bunkers being just a few of the spectacular obstacles included in them.

Indoor field

If paintballing around Big Ben and Buckingham Palace are your thing then look no further, as our indoor field is a replica of the city of London, where a London taxi and a Rolls Royce create a typical London atmosphere, along with a replica of Hyde Park, and other famous London landmarks such as Harrods and The Ritz. Street signs, telephone booths, lamp posts and post boxes all imported from UK complete the London experience.


The Proshop at the Sharjah Paintball Park is a one stop shop for all your needs whether for paintball, speedball or airsoft. With a wide variety of items ranging from markers, masks clothing and much more, you will find all what you need at the best prices.

Facilities & Attractions

  • Breifing room
  • ProShop
  • Changing Rooms with shower facility(Male & female )
  • Refreshment and snacks upon purchase
  • Target Shooting Ranges
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Pistol/Rifle Shooting
  • Archery
  • Golf
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym/Spa
  • Football/Volleyball/Basketball courts
  • F&B/Banquets/5 Star Restaurants